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The liquid wisdom in its original and natural form revives you.

Our Tea

Straight from the hearts of Darjeeling to touch your heart with a unique taste of freshness & wellness. Gruner’s range of Green tea is a unique blend of fresh-picked flavors, antioxidants, and natural ingredients. Get the savor of ultimate goodness with our Green Tea.

Our Coffee

Want to get the zest of the coffee in its raw & original form? Try our coffee. Gruner’s Coffee is 100% natural and unprocessed, available in refreshing flavors. Get drenched in the luscious and aromatic flavors of our instant & green coffee.

Revive yourself

Pause. Take a moment for yourself. In a constant endeavor called life, you need to stop, reflect and reconnect with yourself. These small pauses in every day’s hectic schedule help you to revive and enjoy the daily rhythms of life. After all, isn’t life all about enjoying those little moments? When the sun wakes you up and you start gearing up for the day, sipping a cup of tea or coffee is the little moment that brings calm in the chaos. To make this feeling eternal, we have packed freshness in our unique blend of organic refreshments. Unleash the aroma of freshness with Gruner

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