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Tea Process

Every ounce of action at Gruner goes into blending the perfect cup of tea for our customers. Check out our process to know the secret behind the specialty of our tea.




Each leaf is handpicked and sourced from the leading tea estates because we know you deserve the best.

They are 100% organic and biodegradable, carefully sourced to serve wellness at your doorstep.

At Gruner, tea is sourced straight from the hills of Darjeeling to serve you nothing but the best.

The quality of tea depends on the place from which it is sourced and we make sure we do it in the right way.


We are passionate about serving rich quality products to our customers.

It is done by picking the tender shoots that include the buds along with 2 to 3 adjacent leaves.

This standard of plucking is maintained to ensure the good quality & taste of tea.

Only the fresh leaves and tender buds from the top of the plant are handpicked for luscious flavor, high freshness, and quality.



We enjoy blending as much as you enjoy sipping a cup of chai.

We are renowned for curating the most unique blends of flavors to give a refreshing treat to your palate.

We do it by building our own flavor vocabulary.

The main components of tea blending are base teas, spices, fruits, flowers & herbs.


Your happiness is our ultimate goal.

So the tea is carefully packed in multi-layered quality material so that it stays in its pristine condition.

We hand assemble every tea cup, pack your happiness & deliver fresh aroma straight to your home.

Our green tea comes with a special infusion layer at the bottom of the cup and you just have to pour hot water.


Add Ons

We make every cup of green tea exciting & ready to drink by adding a special infusion layer (filter paper) at the bottom of the cup & you have to just pour hot water.

Now drink healthy at any time and any place drinking a cup of our instant green tea.

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